Terms & Conditions

Reading the terms and condition of an organization is mandatory for every client that seeks to convey business. Moreover understanding and concurring it more important. fastabortion.com logos and writings receive protection from the patent laws. We provide a safe alliance while distributing healthy medications to our clientele.

fastabortion.com Terms and Conditions

Disseminating medications are our sole purpose at fastabortion.com; we are not in producing the medication sold by our pharmacy.

We have an approved remittance to clients above 18 years. Clients below the previous mentioned are restricted to administer business with fastabortion.com.

Medication provided by fastabortion.com, are of superior quality. They have gone through many clinical trials and bear no adverse effects. More importantly, they are endorsed by the FDA providing a sense of security to our clients.

Information and directions for the medication on fastabortion.com website may not bear the same resemblance to every client's case. Clients are encouraged to use the medication only with a doctor's approval. fastabortion.com won't be held liable for any undesired effects of the drugs.

Clients going through adverse effects following the consumption of any medication should seek medical help immediately.

fastabortion.com provides a subscription to all customers keeping them updated regarding new offers and promotions. Also allowing the client to unsubscribe for them.

fastabortion.com possesses the right to improvise on its schemes and offers at any given time. Clients are therefore asked to be in touch to check up on any opportune premise.