Shipping Policies

We have been distributing our pharmaceuticals around the world with an exclusive shipping service. Providing a haven is for the product and the identity of our clients is our best suit. There are a few guidelines that a customer should read while trying to conduct business with us, They are: -

  1. While placing an order (s) bear in mind that each item is dispatchable within 48hours from the time of doing so.
  2. Mentioning the correct address is the customer's responsibility; is not liable if the package gets into a mix-up.
  3. The usual amount of time required delivering the package is eight to twelve working days. Once again, isn't accountable if the transporting company needs a larger span of time.
  4. After each successful purchase placed a confirmation mail is sent to the client, alerting them about the billing, address, and shipping details.
  5. Sadly, doesn't work on the weekends so inductions can be done the transmitting, however, won't occur until the available working day.
  6. Orders once planted cannot be withdrawn, and no form of compensation will be approachable.
  7. Lastly, is once again responsible if the customer cannot collect the package due to them being absent. If delivery is being made again, the customer will bear the additional charges.