• Cytolog


Cytolog on common grounds is known as Mifepristone, Ru-486, Mifeprex, Mifegyne and so on. It's a type of medicine in charge of cutting off the developing of un-preferred pregnancies. Both Mifepristone and Misoprostol together cause the end of a developing life. Created back in the 1980s it wound up being utilized by the French. Since then, it has been circulating through the business sector. They can likewise be utilized as a crisis conception prevention pills, yet in little measurements before ovulation.

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Cytolog working?

Cytologis an antagonist progesterone receptor which puts an end you the body's supply of a hormone called progesterone. It is essential for developing the fetus (embryo) – cutting off the natural supply of progesterone cause the fetus to detach from the uterine wall (uterus) and stops growing due to the lack of nutrients and oxygen.

Doses of Cytolog

1st day – 2 pills of Cytolog(400mcg) is consumed. This medicine stops the development of the fetus (embryo) by cutting off the natural growth of progesterone within the body.

3rd day- 2 pills of Misoprostol (200mcg each) is administered orally or vaginally. The dosage varies when choosing the preferred way to be intake. Misoprostol causes uterine cramp and eventually expels the developing fetus (through clumps. Clots and tissue experienced during excessive bleeding). The dosages may vary from different individual; consult your doctor before making any certain choices for the safety of your wellbeing.

Cytolog Advantages

Cytolog is a significantly more trustworthy methodology for a consummation of unwanted pregnancies. It is administered orally while maintaining a strategic distance from any surgery and sedatives. They are approachable in an early incubation period around 50 days since pregnancy. Women don't need to be bother about being embarrassed (frowned upon) because Cytolog can be used from the solaces of one's home. It has been embraced by the FDA and has been steady on the market for almost a decade. Many clinical trials have been tested only to prove it doesn't leave behind any long term symptoms.

Cytolog Side effects

Some banal effects of Cytolog are diarrhea (upset bowels), fever, increased heart beats, nausea (extreme tiredness), dizziness (blacking out), tingling/swelling (of the face, tongue, throat) headaches, rash, abdominal pain, etc. Excessive bleeding, uterine pains, and cramping are not encountered quite often with the use of Cytolog. Be that as it may if they seem to prolong any pains or seem not to go away contact your doctor. In some cases women may go through bleeding and cramping and still be pregnant – don't get flustered they been reported in some cases only reuse the medication or opt for a different measure.

Cytolog Precautions

Cytolog is subjected to reacts too many things; they possess inert fixings which might trigger an unfavorable impact on the user. To avoid them consult with your doctor – inform him/her regarding any ailment or effects you are going through or previously gone through. Different medications such as (anticoagulants, itraconazole/ketoconazole, carbamazepine/phenytoin/phenobarbital, etc.) can cause adverse effects to the body. Some symptoms which can negative interaction to the body are: -

  • Coagulopathy (bleeding disorders)
  • Iron deficiency (low blood count)
  • Ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the uterus)
  • Adnexal mass (undiscovered stomach development

The use of an IUD (Intrauterine birth control device) should be conveyed to a stop; this also interacts negatively with Cytolog. Breastfeeding needs to be put to a stop; it can bring obscure impacts to children since it travels through breast milk.